FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How does a Skinial tattoo removal treatment take place?

Make an appointment with your nearest Skinial Studio. A detailed consultation and patch test will be carried out to ensure you have no allergic reaction (although these are very rare). Please ensure you have not had any alcohol on the day of your appointment. Please disclose any medications you are taking as this may make this treatment unsuitable for you or could affect the final outcome. We can then advise you to check with your doctor if you should have a break from your medication to allow treatment to go ahead.

Is the tattoo removal treatment painful ?

The treatment is generally no more painful than tattooing itself; in fact many clients say it is much more tolerable than a tattoo.

How will my skin look afterwards?

Every dermatologist will confirm that EVERY injury to the skin (e.g. tattoo, small wound, laser treatment) leaves some sort of scar. Most of them are very small and superficial and cannot be detected by the naked eye.  As everyone’s skin reacts differently to injuries, we can only say that in most cases no visible scars remain. Following our aftercare instructions are extremely important for the best possible outcome. Some skins will scar even after a cat scratch, whilst others can have quite significant injuries to the skin and leave no marks. If your skin heals well after small injuries and leaves no scar, then it is most likely that our treatment will leave no visible scars either. The human skin is very complex and there are numerous factors that can affect healing, that is why no one can guarantee the result, not even a medical doctor.

What is the cost of a Skinial tattoo removal treatment?

Please consult the price of your country and get an estimation of your tattoo by email to:  [email protected]

Can I continue a treatment in another studio ?

Yes. We all work using the same methods wherever you undergo a treatment, even in another country.

How long do I have to wait from treatment to treatment ?

The skin has to recover completely after the scab falls off, which usually takes up to 2 weeks plus another 6 weeks, so 8 weeks in all. Sometimes it may be less and sometimes more. It depends on the healing capacity of your own body. This break refers only to treatments that need to be carried out directly over the last treatment or directly next to it. If there is a distance of 10 mm, the treatment, especially on larger tattoos, can occur at smaller intervals.

How long do the treated areas stay red?

This differs from one person to another. As little as 3 weeks in some and for others it may take several months. In extreme cases it could take up to 12 months until the treated areas have returned to normal. If you are slow to heal, the redness will most likely take longer. This is not due to the treatment method but to your individual healing capacity.

Can side effects be excluded entirely ?

No, this is never possible with humans. Usually the skin closes again very quickly. Admittedly one has to take care, that no dirt comes into contact with the treated area as is the case with any wound. In the case of discomfort or infection, one should in any case see a doctor. This however rarely happens.