Correction or removal of Semi Permanent Make Up/Cosmetic Tattooing (sPMU)

Every sPMU is also a tattoo and therefore the rules of tattoo removal are the same as those for sPMU removal. But there also exists some differences. One is that for sPMU  much less ink is usually used than in a traditional tattoo and therefore we also use a much gentler quality of removal liquid for removal than is used for normal tattoo removals. However if there has already been different correction colours some sPMU might have several  layers of colour one on top of the other.

It is not recommended to cover or correct unwanted sPMU/cosmetic tattooing with a skin-coloured ink as the rising quantity of ink accumulates in the dermis of the eye brows. It will not make the sPMU invisible which is the original intention, as your natural skin colour also changes during sporting activities, individual disposition and according to the seasons. The so-called skin colour will therefore become noticeable as your own skin colour changes too, this is certainly not desirable from an aesthetic point of view.

Skinial removes unwanted tattoo pigments or the whole sPMU/cosmetic tattoo completely out of the skin. Normally the colour disappears completely in the area that has been treated after one single treatment. In rare cases, for example when many colour layers have been tattooed due to covering or some rare medical indications, it might be necessary to treat the area more than once.

Every person can remove errors in their PMU with the Skinial method. Pictures like the following should from now on be a thing of the past:

  • bad permanent make up 4

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our method is perfect for treatments of eyebrows but NOT for the eyeliner or lip vermillion. Corrections and removal on lips outside the vermillion border are possible. Some studios are already practising removal of PMU on lips but we do not generally recommend it as we do not have enough experience with a large number of removal treatments.


But also complete removals of the eyebrows PMU rarely need more than three treatments. In rare cases, when the colour quantity and density is extremely high or if there are too many different covers as well as for rare medical indications, it may require additional treatments.


With just a few and often a single treatment Skinial is able to remove PMU errors, colour problems or too large eyebrows completely out of your skin.

permanent make up removal
Permanent make up correction

Please read more about how the Skinial Method works on the human skin. You can read more detailed scientific information about the removal of pigments on our EXPERT KNOWLEDGE page. Most Skinial Studios worldwide accept to treat sPMU correction/removal in their studios. Many of our studios specialize in sPMU/cosmetic tattoo removal. It is easy to post a request without any obligation.